We Do All the Work

Simply email us your secured data.  Then go about your regular routine for the next few days.

In this brief time we do all the work for you.

Our first step is to optimize your data.  The lists the OIG instructs you to check rely on alphabetical matches.  You therefore are very likely to get a false negative result --possibly missing a real exclusion-- if a slightly incorrect or partially incomplete name is compared to the government lists.

That's why we include possible alternative names into your data to avoid missing matches.  For example, your employee "Bill" is also checked as "William".  We can even find people hiding exclusions under prior names due to marriage, divorce, and/or remarriage.

Similar compensations occur with the vendor data you send us.  We know that your "XYZMed Mgt" vendor may be the excluded XYZ Medical Management, Inc. 

This optimized data is then matched against current versions of the OIG, GSA and OFAC SDN "terrorist" databases as well as any applicable State Medicaid lists.

Each possible match is analyzed and completely resolved by our seasoned screening professionals.  A full report of our findings and an Executive Summary are sent to you.

You do nothing.  No hours of your time down the drain.  No uncertainty about the results.  We do all the work for you.  And it's done right.

We investigate all matches & tell you who is excluded & who isn't.
John Sterling Associates - exclusion screening