Monthly Exclusion Checking of OIG, GSA (SAM) and more by John Sterling Associates

Sterling Associates 15 Years in Business

Exclusion screening is very important with today's government healthcare regulations. The Federal OIG Updated Special Advisory Bulletin on the Effect of Exclusion from Participation in Federal Health Care Programs from 5/2013 further highlights the need to check employees, volunteers, providers, vendors and more.  Allow us to help you navigate this difficult task by delivering results and service you can trust.

It's all right here.  Everything you will ever need for a confident compliance screening program with professionally investigated matches always included with our services.  As the original provider of fully resolved matches, we have developed the techniques and knowhow to provide you the full answers you need, not just a list of possibilities for you to stress over.

With more than 21 years of compliance screening experience, our experts do all the work for you.  Send the data to us and we do the rest.  Answers back to you in just a few days.

Get superior results that leave no stone unturned.  You'll receive thorough reports and a very informative Executive Summary, reviewed and signed by senior management.  You'll know who is excluded from health care programs and who is not.

All this without involving any of your time and without the large fees other screening companies charge.  They will charge you even more if you want the matches reviewed.  Why?  You need complete answers, not possibilities.

We think you'll agree -- everything you really need in screening is right here at John Sterling Associates. Contact us for a screening plan tailor-made for you.

We are the premier sanction screening provider with:
  • Professionally investigated matches
  • Monthly checking
  • Federal & State databases
  • Social Security Numbers not required
  • Executive Reports &      Audit Trails